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William Bradley Ouzts and Wife

William Bradley Ouzts and Wife, Valerie Ouzts v. Simmons Systems Archery, Inc., the Bow Shopof Cleveland, LLC ,

This case was tried in the Circuit Court of Bolivar County, Mississippi.

The Plaintiff, Brad Ouzts, suffered a fall from approximately 23 feet when his lock on tree stand gave way and his safety belt likewise failed. As a result he fell approximately 23 feet suffering extensive injuries to both lower extremities which resulted in a lengthy hospitalization and multiple surgeries.

The case was prosecuted against the manufacturer of the safety belt for the reason that the threading of the belt gave way under expected and foreseeable stresses in the event of the necessity to rely upon the safety belt. Testing was performed at a laboratory at Mississippi State University which clearly demonstrated the likely failure of the safety belt when it ultimately had to be relied upon.

No significant offer was made prior to trial and accordingly, the case proceeded to trial. The jury rendered a verdict in the amount of $_2,500,000 in favor of the Plaintiff, and $ 500,000 for his wife Valerie after a four day trial. Reduced to $ 500,000 each.