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Locke vs. Purdon, MD

Larry Locke and Rita Locke vs. J. S. Purdon, M.D., Individually, J. S. Purdon, M. D., P. A., Baptist Memorial Hospital – North Mississippi, Inc. and C. R. Bard, Inc.

Larry and Rita Locke filed suit against J. S. Purdon, M.D. in the Circuit Court of Quitman County, Mississippi.

This was an action based on a medical negligence, wherein the Lockes alleged that J. S. Purdon, M.D. committed negligence when a device he was utilizing to perform a coronary atherectomy was fractured and broken during a procedure resulting in the necessity of the Plaintiff, Larry Locke, having to have an immediate and emergency by-pass operation. This was the first medical malpractice case tried in Quitman County, Mississippi, and the jury returned a verdict in the amount of $650,000.00, which judgment was appealed to the Mississippi Supreme Court and affirmed.

Ralph Chapman of Chapman, Lewis & Swan represented the Plaintiffs, along with Larry O. Lewis of Lewis & Miller, Marks, MS.