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Franz, et al. v. Richard W. Weaver

Franz, et al. v. Richard W. Weaver, d/b/a Cardinal Delivery, Airborne Freight Corporation, ABX Air, Inc. , d/b/a airborne Express a/k/a Air Freight Delivery, Shelter Mutual Insurance Company And Allstate Insurance Company.

This was a case tried in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Mississippi where a Cardinal Delivery driver struck the Franz vehicle killing Mrs. Bercher and injuring Mrs. Franz and Mr. Bercher.

The jury found that Cardinal Delivery Was not an independent contractor of Airborne Express in the first trial. In the second trial, the jury found in favor of all plaintiffs and rendered a verdict for $ 2,000,000 for Mrs. Beecher who was 84 and killed, and verdicts for Mr. & Mrs. Franz for $ 475,000 and Mr. Bercher $60,000.