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Horton vs. HLF Inns

Geraldine Horton, Individually and on Behalf of All Wrongful Death Beneficiaries of Mario Horton vs RFS., Inc. formerly known as HLF Inns, Inc. in the Circuit Court of Marshall County.

In this case, Mario Horton was swimming in the Holiday Inn Swimming Pool, when he became trapped against the main drain and could not be released until such time as he has suffered irreversible injury and brain damage. He ultimately died a considerable time thereafter.

The Plaintiffs alleged that the pool was extremely dangerous for the reason that the drain created suction which would cause an individual to be trapped at the bottom of the pool and furthermore, that the visibility and clarity of the pool was such that one could not be discovered for the purpose of rescue. After considerable discovery, this case was resolved.

Plaintiffs were represented by Ralph Chapman of Chapman, Lewis & Swan and David Wade of Gray-Wade of Jackson, Mississippi.